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K9 Grade Ductile Iron Pipe
Introduction of Centrifugal Ductile Iron Pipe and K9 Grade Ductile Iron Pipe
Introduction of Structural Steel
Introduction of Structural Steel

What is C-beam

The C-shaped steel of C-shaped steel enterprises is flat and square, and can be directly cold-rolled or cut with a wide steel chain. Channel steel is a strip steel with a certain cross-sectional shape and specifications, and it is one of the four kinds of steel. According to the shape of the section, channel steel is divided into simple section channel steel and complex section channel steel. Cold-formed steel is a finished steel of various cross-sectional shapes formed by bending steel plates or strips under cold conditions. Cold-formed steel is an economical cross-section light and thick-walled steel, also known as steel cold-formed section or cold-formed section. C-shaped steel is automatically processed by a C-shaped steel forming machine. The forming process of CC section steel can be automatically executed according to the given C section steel specifications. C-shaped steel is divided by thickness, thin C-shaped steel is 4mm (ultra-thin is 0.2mm), thick C-shaped steel is 4-60mm, and extra-thick C-shaped steel is 60-115mm. C-shaped steel is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling according to cold rolling.

Q235 C-beam

q235c is an ordinary carbon structural steel. Q235C refers to ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as ordinary carbon steel. The carbon content is 0.06-0.22%, and less than 0.25% is the most commonly used. Belonging to low-carbon steel, each metal grade indicates the lowest yield point of the steel when the thickness is less than 16mm.

Compared with high-quality carbon steel, the restrictions on carbon content, performance range and content of phosphorus, sulfur and other residual elements are wider. my country and some countries divide ordinary carbon steel into three categories according to the guarantee conditions of delivery: Class A steel (Class A steel), which only guarantees mechanical properties and does not guarantee chemical composition, Class B steel (Class B steel), Only the chemical composition is guaranteed, but the mechanical properties are not guaranteed; special steel (C-type steel) not only guarantees the chemical composition, but also guarantees the mechanical properties. Special steels are often used in the manufacture of more important structural parts.

The difference between Q235 C-beam and other C-beam

Material difference of carbon structural steel Q235-A, Q235-B, Q235-C, Q235-D

Q235 is a steel material. Q stands for the yield of this material, the latter 235 refers to the yield value of this material, at 23

5 or so. And the yield value will decrease as the thickness of the material increases. Due to the moderate carbon content, the comprehensive performance is good, and the strength, plasticity and

Welding and other properties are well matched, and it is the most widely used. Often rolled into wire rod or round steel, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, window

Frame steel and other section steel, medium and thick steel plate. Widely used in construction and engineering structures. It is used to make steel bars or build factory building frames, high-voltage transmission towers,

Bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, ships, etc. are also widely used as mechanical parts that do not require high performance.

Q235 is the most common material in the board, and it belongs to the general board series. One of the past names was: A3.

It depends on the amount of carbon content. There are four types of carbon structural steel, Q235-A, Q235-B, Q235-C, and Q235-D.


Proportion of constituent elements (%): Carbon C: 0.14~0.22; Manganese Mn: 0.30~0.65; Phosphorus P: ≤0.045; Sulfur S: ≤0.050; Silicon Si: ≤0.3


The specifications of channel steel are mainly represented by dimensions such as height (h), leg width (b), and waist thickness (d).

At the same height, light channel steel has narrower legs, thinner waist and lighter weight than ordinary channel steel. No. 18-40 is a large channel steel, and No. 5-16 channel steel is a medium-sized channel steel. The imported channel steel indicates the actual size and relevant standards.

Mainly used in building structures, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, channel steel is often used with I-beams.

According to the theory of steel structure, the channel steel flange should bear the force, that is, the channel steel should stand up, but not lying down.

It can be seen that q235 channel steel is widely used in industrial production and machinery manufacturing, but the price of q235 channel steel also varies greatly due to different sizes, large and small ones are more expensive, and the middle group distance.


Executive standard: The external standard is: GB/T709-2006 “Size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of hot-rolled steel plates and strips”, the internal standard is: GB/T3274-2007 “Hot-rolled carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel Rolling of thick steel plates and strips”.

The surface quality and allowable deviation of the geometric shape of the channel steel are specified in detail in the standard. It is generally required that there should be no harmful defects on the surface, and there should be no significant torsion. The allowable value of the wave bend (sickle bend) of the channel steel and the relevant parameters (h, b, d, t, etc.) of the channel steel surface shape of each specification are stipulated. value, tolerance value. The main manifestations of incorrect channel steel geometry are: corners, leg expansion and leg merging.

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We are a steel factory. Please leave your inquiry and phone number. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
We are a steel factory. Please leave your inquiry and phone number. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
We are a steel factory. Please leave your inquiry and phone number. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
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